Musings about creativity and advertising


Many abstractions go into my approach to creativity and working in the creative field.


On sparks

You never know when inspiration can strike, but you can help it along. First, foster the idea that anything can inspire you. Kids screaming on the street. A cool, hipster craft beer bar. Bad traffic. A new exhibit at MoMA. It's all relative to keep your mind in a space to receive an idea, whether it's related to your immediate situation or not.

For example, I was recently mocking up military/tactical-themed social posts for SAM Medical and working on a food-related app (more on that in a later post) at a coffee shop, when I leaned back in my chair and noticed an ADT security panel. That made me think about door security in general and some of the technology I have been reading about lately in that space. And that gave me an idea that I want to explore for a future experiential event. Strange line of reasoning, but sparks nonetheless. All I had to do was be open to it, and write it down.

Joe Aimonetti