Musings about creativity and advertising


Many abstractions go into my approach to creativity and working in the creative field.


On checking your work

Whether you're prepping for a monster pitch deck, or simply responding to a client email, checking your work is a very important, and shockingly easy, step to ensure you don't make any bone-headed mistakes.

Of course, without the benefit of full-time copy editors for every form of written communication we send out, we're bound to miss some things. But, a few simple checks can help:

  • Did you spell everyone's name correctly?
  • Did you run spellcheck?
  • Did you use the correct it's/its, their/there/they're, and any other common grammatical mistakes?
  • Did you check all the dates, times, timezones, and any other factual information that could confuse someone if it's wrong?
  • Did I re-read it?

When you re-read what you've written, I have one general rule: If it sounds weird out loud, it isn't correct. And you're finished. Instant professionalism and much less opportunity for embarrassing mistakes.

Joe Aimonetti