Joe Aimonetti

Pulp Cereal


Thanks for showing up. Now, I have to warn you, this isn’t just a bunch of stories. Everything has a place and a purpose. If you look just so, you’ll see it. There are clues everywhere, if we only take the time to let the truth reveal itself.

Here you may read things, or look at things, or watch things, and you may wonder if what you’re seeing is actual. And it is. At least to me. This is the world I see, or at least imagine I’m seeing — honestly, some days I cannot tell. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or confused, or you want to share something you’ve seen, shoot me a message.

Networking Working All Around Us

Those leather totes, and the women that carry them — a ring of ultra trained couriers, transporting highly classified materials in this intricate web of high-priced, fashionable bag accessories — walking down city streets, riding subways and buses, intersecting in lobbies and offices, meeting in cabs.

It’s an underground movement, a revolution to restore the only un-controlled form of media, a dead medium — print. Rogue digital media elites surfaced information of a bygone time when paper and ink ruled and the immediate scanning, scraping, and censorship of the governing body wasn’t as easily executed.

So they broke free, to reassemble a printing press, using trendy, classy ladies to maneuver past the surveillance of the higher-ups when delivering parts to the secret build site.

Joe Aimonetti