You never know when inspiration can strike, but you can help it along. First, foster the idea that anything can inspire you. Kids screaming on the street. A cool, hipster craft beer bar. Bad traffic. A new exhibit at MoMA. It's all relative to keep your mind in a space to receive an idea, whether it's related to your immediate situation or not.

For example, I was recently mocking up military/tactical-themed social posts for SAM Medical and working on a food-related app (more on that in a later post) at a coffee shop, when I leaned back in my chair and noticed an ADT security panel. That made me think about door security in general and some of the technology I have been reading about lately in that space. And that gave me an idea that I want to explore for a future experiential event. Strange line of reasoning, but sparks nonetheless. All I had to do was be open to it, and write it down.