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Many abstractions go into my approach to creativity and working in the creative field.


On viral videos

Client brief: Make a viral video.
Every creative: FUCK

So we're given several "examples" of viral videos. Videos with millions of views. Millions and millions. Brand-created videos. Millions of views. These are not viral.

We're going to make up a new word today: BUYRAL

Given the right media buy, any video can be suggested as viral. Unfortunately, most brands can't spend the way Old Spice does, or Nike, or any of the other millions of views brand videos. What any brand CAN do, however, is reach their audience. They can create content that is meaningful, insightful, emotional, funny ... and that will be shareable. Everything else is just smoke screens. 

Don't give in to the promise of views. MAKE DOPE SHIT. 

Joe Aimonetti