Joe Aimonetti


No lie,
free ideas



PRODUCT: Chip Zip Duo

Big bags of chips share one common problem - too much empty bag when you’re half way through. The salt and flavor gets everywhere. So, add another perforated zipper that consumers can tear away once they eat to the mid-point of the bag. No more messy wrists (and a stay-fresh solution all the way to the end of the bag).

CONTENT: The New Album

Music has followed the same basic format forever - an album with a singular theme or thought and singles released to promote the sale of the album. And that's basically it, until the next album. 

What if music was distributed more like books, where the songs are constantly being updated, remixed, remastered - essentially each new release like a book's editions. Artists could experiment to their heart's content, without ending their album's life-cycle. It could also create a new revenue stream --

Listeners could subscribe to albums before they are even released and get practice sessions, behind-the-scenes content, etc., then after the official release, the remixes, covers, and alternate versions, all in a nice, neat little package.

APP: Bite Bulletin

Restaurant owners have a centralized forum to make announcements about their establishments, all in one place, so customers have a single resource to check (holiday hours, unexpected closures, specials, etc.) Customers can search by restaurant name, announcement type, or by restaurants nearby on a map.

TV: Back Channel

A modern buddy cop drama with a fun twist. Our hero is a world-class historian who, after a freak accident, is able to channel some of history's most important figures - from the observational and analytical skills of Sherlock Holmes to the heroic bravery of Achilles - to help his NYPD detective buddy solve crimes and catch bad guys.

FILM: Connextra Terrestrials

Aliens come to earth, hijacking every social media data center, leaving our world without much of its connective abilities, providing these extraterrestrial visitors with a wealth of information about the human condition. How will the world respond? Are these aliens friends, or foes?

PRODUCT: Ta-balance

A simple, keychain-size device that telescopes to create different thickness levels, used to balance wobbly tables in restaurants, coffee shops, or anywhere a balanced surface is needed. Made from easily cleanable material, one side is rubberized to prevent slipping, while the other is textured to fit under most public table legs.

FILM: Free Throws

Set in the late 80's, this is the untold story of the greatest prison basketball player in the world and his attempt to make the NBA upon his release. Though he dominated competition behind bars, translating his game to the pro level proves difficult, especially as transitioning back to society amidst his impending fame provides endless opportunities for chaotic disaster. Will he listen to positive influences and find his path to success, or succumb to nefarious guises and return to his past ways?